How many slaves do you have? Slaveryfootprint will tell you.

Slaveryfootprint is a site that allows you to calculate your slavery footprint, by selecting what you own, how you live, what you eat and how many members there are in your family. Children will add additional slaves due to the many plastic bits & toys, for example, but so will makeup. Along the way you learn stuff like the glitter in makeup is mica and it's mined by people who aren't making a living wage off it. I had no idea mica was used in makeup and toothpaste.

The site is really nicely made, you can select and de-select things and adjust along the way to really get a decent idea of your score, it's a massive leap away from the usual tedious form filling style footprint calculators. Also has a good explanation on how they define slavery - as in forced labour. There's even a "how many times have you bought sex" question, posed to ladies and gents alike. At the end of your calculation you can send notes to the brands that you use in your life, the idea being to encourage them to reconsider their sources for materials and work. We all know about the Apple iPhone workers suicide rates only thanks to it being reported and debated in a lot of news papers, but that's just one item in your entire home, full of things sourced from all over the world. Your phone also has capacitors that are made with Coltan. 64% of Coltan reserves are located in Congo where child laborers work from sunrise to sunset. Do you eat shrimp? You have slaves.

The site was created by Made in a free world:

Made In A Free World believes that changing the world takes everyone. We are a network of individuals, groups, and businesses working together to disrupt slavery. We produce innovative campaigns, on the ground projects, consumer engagement tools, and business solutions designed to get slavery out of our system. Our dream is simple.
One day everyone and everything will be Made In A Free World.