This may be the most blasphemous thing I could say but this might be the best World Cup spot this year. And it isn't even a World Cup spot. It's an ad for fashion designer Paul Smith's limited edition football, which you can purchase via Paul Smith's UK website or one presumes in store.

This spot, directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, features football freestyler John Farnsworth. He simply demonstrates why people love the game, and live the game. And I would much rather see this than yet another scene of kids running through favelas or Leo Messi on green screen pretending to play football for a large crowd.

Well done, Paul Smith.

Client: Paul Smith Director: Oliver Hadlee Pearch Performer: John Farnsworth

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    I wasn't sure what the ad was for when I skipped the description. Interesting that it is an ad for the ball. My first thought was, "The ad for a TV featuring two lingerie model looking footballers did this first.".

    Jun 12, 2014

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