Photoshop disaster of impossibly skinny model has Ralph Lauren's lawyers threatening BoingBoing

Ralph Lauren are not pleased with this image. At some point, someone liked it enough to give it the old "OK" stamp, despite the fact that this woman's head is bigger than her pelvis, and she looks like she might topple over from the weight of her own hair at any second. Back then it was good enough for Ralph Lauren.

Their unhappy began when it ended up on photoshop disasters, they clenched their fists when it was boingboinged and I'm pretty sure they didn't laugh at all when DognPony suggested that the French photoshop disclaimer on ads is due to images like this one. C'mon guys, that was funny!

Instead the humorless lawyers decided to send a DMCA takedown notice to BoingBoing's ISP. BoingBoing checked to see if the notice passed the giggle test. It did not. Thusly, the lawyers have effectivly poured fuel on the fire here, because people will now spew criticism of their impossible marketing images and their lawyers all over the intartubes for days, weeks maybe even years to come, or until some fool creates another sprite blowjob ad we can gawk at instead. Bad move fools.