This ad is everything I hate about advertising in 45 seconds. We have the sexy girl of the moment, Adriana Lima - who also happens to be Brazilian - KIA assumes that you know this - and her equally leggy sidekicks entering a man cave. They remove all American football related items and replace them with football knick-knacks. Adriana then changes the channel, whispers "futebol" seductively and the tagline is: "For one month, let's all be futbol fans."

Uuuugh. It's football. I don't care that Americans call a ball-game where you carry the seed-shaped pigskin with your hands and throw it to other players who then catch it with their hands "football". Unless you really want to say it in Portuguese, in which case it's futebol. Spelling it weird isn't cute.

Look. I'm a woman who has watched the world cup ever since Montevideo, Uruguay. I will not explain to a man who doesn't know football (soccer) what an offside is. In the United States where this ad airs, the women's national soccer team regularly champion the world cup and the olympic games... But apparently, in KIA's bizarro world, American Men don't know what football is, until a Victoria Secret Model with a form-hugging dress and heels says it with a portuguese accent. The entire campaign is about Adriana Lima showing up, and mens jaws dropping as they watch her kick footballs in heels or change the channel in the sports bar. Around Adriana Lima, men can't even speak. And somehow this is supposed to sell a car we barely even see because the camera is too busy taking creepshots of Adriana's legs.

Fuck you Kia. This is sexist to both men and women, and sports hating. If you wanted to get the attention of football lovers, you now have our complete and undivided hatred. Congrats.

Client: Kia