Do cocktail weenies sell perfume?

Gals, this one's for you.
And guys, cover your eyes.
Do not click on the following link if you have a weak constitution or prefer to leave things to the imagination. Oh, and hide the children. Supposedly this is the first big brand advertisement featuring male full frontal nudity.

Now the question du jour - does seeing a winkie make you want to buy this cologne? Or is it perfume?

...Perhaps it should be called Yves Saint Laurent Smegma7

Ladies - we want you opinion - is this lad 'au naturel' tempting you to rush out and buy YSL's latest? We know that women buy at least 70% of all male perfumes out there - we have wondered why male perfume ads haven't been blatantly aimed at the buyers before. The other 30% of this particular brand will probably be bought by gay men.

The ad will begin running October 24th and continue this fall.