A Wrench in the Cog.


A Wrench in the Cog.


Hmm... They took their time with this one. Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss are now considering legal action against Honda and Wieden & Kennedy, saying that the Honda Cog spot is a wee bit too close to their award-winning 1987 masterpiece, Der Lauf Der Dinge (The Way Things Go). Independent story here.

The Way Things Go from Jay on Vimeo.

Honda Accord - Cog (2003) - 2:00 (UK)

The Cog is in the archive, weighs 8.6 MB Quicktime


Do you still think the Cog will win Grand prix in cannes? I think it will - despite lawsuit.

Probably- I doubt that it matters that the idea was "borrowed".

i heard board game manufacturer milton bradley are considering suing fischli and weiss because their film Der Lauf Der Dinge is a wee bit close to their masterpiece "mousetrap"...


i love that game, still have it somehwhere.... whoohoo!

First #1?

and (thanks anon upstairs) first? #2?

all I'm sayin' is, old and very tantalizing idea.

I might agree with you if the Fischli and Weiss piece actually included flipping a man into a pan and turning the crank to snap the plank and all that. It's not just the general idea that Honda copied, but a lot of very specific details.

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