Coke driver fired for drinking Pepsi

SYLMAR, Calif. -- Union officials were up in arms Friday after a 12-year route driver for Coke was allegedly fired after management discovered he was drinking a Pepsi. NBC 4 reports. Rick Bronson, a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 848, was fired Thursday after someone reported him to management for drinking a Pepsi, according to the union.

Coke fired Bronson under a company rule that bars "slander".

If this reminds anyone else of the

Pepsi - Diner (1995) - 0:60 (USA)

.......1995 Pepsi super bowl advert "Diner" where a coke and Pepsi become friends, for a while you can watch it by clicking the image above - if you are a super adgrunt.

Art imitates ads - almost. well okay, way off by so many details but I thought I'd post it anyway ;). Poor sod got fired friday the 13th after all.

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Ouch! No wonder why Coke is soft. Why is Coke soft? Cuz Coke doesn't do anything in retaliation to Pepsi. Pepsi just keep on making fun of Coke like the Kim Catrall Pepsi One commercial.