Cate Blanchett does Donna Karan


Cate Blanchett does Donna Karan


Cate Blanchett wears Donna's dresses in new fashion ads. The advertising deal will bring in six figures for Cate. She's one of a crop of celebrity models lately, Jennifer Lopez for Louis Vuitton, Adrian Brody for Zegna, Colin Farrell for Ralph Lauren while makeup is hawked by Catherine Zeta Jones for Estee Lauder and Nicole Kidman for Chanel.

"Cate's glacial looks are perfect for Donna Karan - they describe the label so well," one couture authority told the London Evening Standard.


glacial looks? Oh, they mean boring.. I see.

A human face is never boring, so how can you say that? I think Cate Blanchett has one of the most distinctive on screen faces around

look at the photo above and tell me they're not asking Cate to act out the feeling vacant. She looks boring and empty and I fail to see the point of getting a good actress to do that when any bony model would do. "glacial" means boring.

"Glacial" means cold, not boring. I think she looks amazing. Cold and calculating and just perfect for the outfit,

Well, she looks vacant not 'cold', my point you see? Log in and get youself a username if you want your english correcting comments to be taken seriously, anon.

While I have reservations when certain celebs 'sellout' and do ads - not minor pop farts like the Spice girls, but serious actors, comedians and artists who have credibility to lose - I just wanted to add this to your little tiff here... Cate looks fantastic as Veronica Guerin, if you are a Cate fan you should try and catch that movie.

great photo

I don't think she looks vacant or cold at all. I think she looks damn good.

Why on earth do you call actors sellouts when they do ads? There's nothing wrong with it at all.

She has reservations because serious actors can ruin their brand. Why are we commenting on a ten year old post?

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