Power outage blacks out Denmark


Power outage blacks out Denmark

A massive power outage closed down shops, stopped trains and elevators, traffic lights, and naturally servers in Denmark, Bornholm, South of Sweden and parts of Northern Germany today.

The outage started in Swedens Ringhals which exports power to the above named countries. Nameservers and other internet traffic may have glitches for a few more hours as the power is now slowly returning, street by street. There is no need to email the hostmaster about failing to reach the site, as I knew it before you guys.. ;)

On the upside, our office freezer has finally been through a much needed defrosting. ChinChin!


Hmmm....could it be a global rolling blackout? First the Northeast section of the US, then London and now... Denmark? Fortunately, you guys smoke, salt and pickle a lot of your food (herring) so they won't spoil without refrigeration!

add crispbread and gasovens to the mix, and voila! It's like camping!

though, I kinda wish I had a diesel generator for the servers. Know where i can get one cheap? ;)

(and yes, odd how the power keeps going out - next stop asia?)

And today Italy has their blackout. They blame the French state-run exporter of their electricity, but the French denies any responsibility for the outage. Hmmm...sounds familiar. When the U.S. had their blackout, they immediately blamed the Canadians (partly French!).

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