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formerly a daring fashion move reserved for (bone)heads and their Union Jack Flags - Now even the posh Guardian wants you to label your forehead.

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Of course this is the Guardians answer to the press release Students cash in on 'human billboards' plan they published earlier. The concept isn't entirely foreign - remember the lad who said and rented out his bald head back in the fall of 2001?

The agency getting all the media attention right now is aptly named Cunning Stunts. They offer students up to £88.20 a week to wear a corporate logo on their head for a minimum of three hours each day. So far laddish magazines like FHM and the channel CNX have signed up for the interesting media plan...

but what happens if the forehead labeled doesn't go with your brand? Say an avid pepsi drinker wears a Coke logo, and still drinks pepsi in public...

Or how about the situation where the owner of the forehead dislikes the brand he is advertising and when asked only spreads bad rep.

and when will this stretch to include real tattoos as advertising space? ;-)
Nice idea but no hand rolled cuban smoking material...

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    "If you can capture the hearts and loyalty of the roughly 15 million impressionable college students in the U.S., you would be sitting on $100 billion of discretionary cash each year. Brand loyalties created during the college years often become a lifetime relationship with consumers who are likely to have more money to spend than 'less-educated people'"
    -New York Times, March 11, 2002

    They are kidding, right?

    Mar 19, 2004
  • Dabitch's picture

    Yes I thionk they are... When it walks like a hoax and talks like a hoax, It might just be a hoax!

    That Headvertising link is debated at Metafilter, where most seem to settle on it being a hoax. Thats where I found this link The SunHerald:

    Katie Yankura gets some weird stares from her classmates these days. Everything about this freshman at Johnson & Wales University seems normal - except, well, her forehead.
    In one of the more unique advertising tricks to date, Yankura works for Headvertise, a new marketing company that pays college students to wear temporary, tattooed advertising messages on their foreheads.

    Newspapers have fallen for hoaxes before though..... I wonder what the Guardian thinks of this. :)

    Mar 19, 2004

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