Both of these ads really suck.

They do - literally, even if they are both award winners and quite good. One won a gold in this years Cannes Festival for Outdoor. Read more to see the pair.

Client: Rowenta
Year: 2000
Found on: Cannes shortlist 2000
Creative Team: Fritz Ehlers, Katja Kloos, Stefan Herrmann
Agency: Publicis Werbeagentur

Client: Electrolux
Year: 2003
Source: Lion Cannes 2004 (Outdoor, Gold)
Creative Team: Peder Schack, Ole Caspersen
Agency: Young & Rubicam Copenhagen

By the way, this isn't the first time we've seen Y&R Copenhagen in Badland, they also did the grates in work for idle hands, last year. Is it becoming a habit?

* note - the "nothing sucks like an electrolux" legendary ad, sadly a misundersood myth, is clarified in the comments

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