Fight - (2004) 0:30 (UK)


Fight - (2004) 0:30 (UK)



Intelligent. No subtitles make you glued to it even more.
Some people may ask "why does she even need sunless tanner, its not like anybody sees her".
I think that's the whole point. people use sunless tanner for themselves, to look and feel better for themselves and their loved ones.
Wonder if this is just a one-shot or if it is part of a campaign.
Also wonder who did it.

Nice. I just wished I hadn't know what it was about before I saw the spot.

You're right. I'm going to rename this as to let people see it completly unsuspecting.

I agree. When I showed it around (got GREAT responses by the way), I didn't tell them what the product was and let them figure it out at the end by themselves.
So does anyone know who did this spot?

Stunning idea. I would love to steal it.

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