VW Polo viral - the punchline kills. (uk)

The punchline will kill you.

(Scroll down to view the spot.)

Rumour Mill Update: As predicted, this volatile viral has been flagged as a fake at this time. However, if previous and similar events are any indication, the story will morph before it runs its course.

Rumour Mill Update 2: If you go to https://www.leeanddan.com and click on "Virals", then click on "Playstation", a "Volkswagan" (sic) link appears above it, but doesn't appear to go anywhere at this time (8:51pm Central). So... current buzzy status is now set at Spec Viral or True Viral.

Rumour Mill Update 3: It has been brought to our attention that the RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) is incensed at this spot. They noticed that the driver of the VW doesn't appear to be wearing a seat belt or any other form of safety harness, thus making him a unsuitable role model for impressionable British youth. "Remember, ladies and gents - Seat belts save lives."

VW Polo - Suicide Bomber - (2005) :45 (UK)

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