Ad awarded an Swedish Golden Egg accused of theft/brain sync.

No rest for the wicked, they say, so here is yet another pair of ads ready for Badland. A tip from an adgrunt who prefers to remain anonymous in this case leads us to twin ads for the same Nintendo client!

"The winner of a Golden Egg (Guldägg)in print/magazine category - Nintendo by Lowe Brindfors - is based on the same idea McCann Norway did three years ago. For the same client."

Our anonymous tipster goes on to gossip:
"The Swedish ad originated as an entry for the Young Guns LIVE Nintendo creative brief which later got produced for Nintendo through Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm.
The copywriter on the ad Johan Holmström get's very annoyed when asked about the matter.

"- It's a coincidence, like it always is when things like this happen! Yet you point your finger more or less accussing people of theft, just writing about it you're suggesting we stole the idea!"

Ergo. The best print idea in Sweden is Norwegian... and we have always accused Norwegians being stupid in our jokes. Who's the fool now?
"Do you know how to sink a Swedish Creatives submarine?
You swim down and knock on the lid.
Do you know how to sink another one?
You swim down and knock on the lid and when they open they'll say 'HAHA! We won't fall for that one again.'"

And here are the ads.

From JBR MCCANN NORWAY winner Cannes Lion 2002.

From a team at Leo Burnett, originally for YoungGuns Live Creative Brief where it won gold 2004, then the winner of the Guldägg in Sweden 2005.

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