It takes balls to sell un-hairy men

Perhaps it's yet another one of those metrosexual things, but these days even men must shave - everywhere. How do you sell such a delicate idea? Read more to see how Remington and Philips are currently advertising the clean look in UK mens magazines.

Which approach do you prefer?

Remington vs Philips
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I like the first one. Qite funny. And besides, last time I looked I didn't bear much resemblance to a kiwi fruit.

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I like the Philips ad a bit better. It's a quicker "a-ha". Although I'm not all that fond of the weird box around the shaver. The Remmington ad feels a bit more see&say to me. But I like the layout and the font choice.

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The type treatment in the first ad is awfully clunky - the two halves of the headline don't read as one thought. I think there's too much difference in type size between the two halves. It's trying way to hard to be clever and art director fancy when it's entirely unnecessary.
I prefer the second ad - it's more clever, but the art direction lames out with that unimaginative insert shot of the shaver, which could have been handled far better some other way. And OUCHHHH the last line of the body copy is lame: "...exotic fruit"? Yeesh.

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I agree that the Remington ad's headline is "clunky", in that it doesn't read well with the two different font styling. Other than that, it does capture a distinct style for its self and one that is well suited for gentlemen magazines. It's clever on the same level as AXE and TAG advertisement and the whole ad doesn't inundate the reader with copy that doesn

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Aaaah! Check out the really scary Philips Flash Animation on their site. It frightens me and I don't even have any Kiwi's.

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The Phillips ad makes a bolder statement. It doesn't try to hide what a lot of guys are going to be purchasing the product for, and it's hilarious in it's honesty. It does seem a little out of the ordinary for Phillips, but it's atempting to gain a niche in the market that the more conservative companies will likely shy away from. Taking a calculated leap in a clever way will prove lucrative. I'd bet lefty on it.