Virtual Bartender 1, and 2 and now 3.


Virtual Bartender 1, and 2 and now 3.


Woopsie, looks like the ever-so popular Virtual Bartender Chicks (and version number two) from have been re-done by Bavaria beer in Brazil (say that ten times fast after drinking ten of them).
To view the Brazilian version, hop in to their site and click the babe on the top, leave your 'name' and 'email' and choose where you live from a drop-down menu. Then off you go.
This girl strips for a little longer and a lot less dress when you ask her to, dances a bit more and probably does a million other things that I haven't figured out yet.
Hat tip to Frank at


Um...just the best site ever....

Direct link to the beer-babe without jumping through hoops.
try these: sexo, transa, transar, transe sexual, sutra, masturba, masturbar, masturbe, comer,dar, senta, sentar, sesenta, nove, 69, xoxota, quatro, papai, trepar, amor, puta, vadia, vaca, piranha, cu, buceta, bucetinha, vagabunda, caba

Oh My! type in puta! Hilarious.

Sex sells, and I wonder how long it will be before we see, "Virtual Bartender: ad nauseum" take hold?

It looks like we now might have, "Virtual Bartender IV" with a gender switch! Follow the link Dabitch posted above to see what I mean.

Oops! I didn't name the link. Click on the "Direct link to the beer-babe" link Dabitch posted above.

dammit, this guy won't strip. BOOOO!


He doesn't seem to do much at all. I don't think the male version is intended to appeal to women as the female version was obviously intended to appeal to men. I don't know what Bavaria's angle is on this one.

At first, I thought Bavaria was just doing a gender switch, but now I am not so certain. I tried translating the Portuguese on the page to English via an online translator, but much seemed to get lost in the translation, and I could not make any sense of it.

Maybe Bavaria is taking their Virtual Bartender in a different direction (gender or otherwise) than We will just have to wait and see.

How to change to woman, when i click this direct link, there is guy ;/ Sorry i dont speak spanish ;]

They removed the woman ages ago. Perhaps they got too many complaints. perhaps they just got too much traffic. (this article is dated in May as you can see and the man appeared sometime in July afaik).

I've confirmed there is a Virtual Bartender III currently in production (as of November 2006) from the makers of the first two, so it looks like the Virtual Bartender will continue; for better or for worse.

Worse. I mean what is going to strip now?

Having seen some of the audition footage (I'm not going to bother with a link), I think it's time for to end the boring story, finish its drink, and go home. It's closing time.

i cant understand it

The website or the comments? The site is in Portuguese. (and the post here is from 2005)

the website i dont understand it

Just an unsuccessful imitation of's virtual bartender...

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