Stop Global Poverty Campaign...

As part of the build up for the global campaign to stop extreme poverty, the Gates' (yup Bill and Melinda) signed ddb seattle to produce a campaign based upon a speech given recently by nelson mandela in norway. ddb produced a set of 60 second spots that are running in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Japan. The campaign is aimed at driving public response in these G8 nations to push for a commitment to stop global poverty.

To make things a bit more cutting edge, there are a set of microsites that correspond to the spots, and have the full 13 minute speech online. is the US version, and all the other sites are sub-directories thereof.
Check it out, watch the vids, and send it on to a friend.

For full disclosure, the online portion of the campaign was produced by the shop I work at - Peel Interactive.