This spot marvelously celebrates 17 years in a relationship from first glance to text message to date, to baby to watching baby grow up. Really nice spot and great voice over, too. It's nice how they condense this seventeen-year span into something profound, becuase in the end it does go by that quickly, doesn't it.

Client: 1Life Insurance Agency: House of Brave, Johannesburg Production: Egg Films Johannesburg Post Production: Left Post Production Editing Company: Left Post Production Agency Producer: Nicolette Moolgie Executive Creative Director: Vanessa Pearson Art Director: Gareth O’Callaghan, Wendy Fredriksson Copywriter: Conan Green Director: Slim Executive Producer: Nicci Cox Producer: Nicci Cox Director of Photography: Rory O’ Grady Editor: Saki Bergh Music: Clare Vandeleur