2028 - It finally ends - (2010) :60 (USA)


2028 - It finally ends - (2010) :60 (USA)

"Tormented by the demons of her past and burdened by this disturbing family development, Colleen Foy (There Will Be Blood) tries to make sense out of her newfound life, but a series of unfortunate events cause her world to spiral out of control."

Agency: Serve Marketing
Client: United Way of Greater Milwaukee
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Writer Ross Lowinske
Art Director: Brent Goral, Ryan Smith
Interactive: Ben Grey
Director: Carlo Besasie
Agency Producer: Darlene Stimac
Assciate Producer: Amanda Ruffalo
Edit: Don Unverrich/Dave Kuhnen
Audio: Peter Batchelder (Independent)
Acct Team: Heather Aldrich, Brittin Haury

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