These ads coincided with March Madness Sweet SIxteen and have Zero to do with buying a house except for the end call to action. Which makes them amazing. Even more so, they star Detlef Schrempf reading tweets about basketball and throwing in random words on top of it, using #DetlefSayMyTweet. Proceeds go to the Detlef Schrempf Foundation, which assists needy families in the Pacific Northwest. Although I'm not sure which proceeds they mean as the write up didn't mention it. Maybe his proceeds for doing this? No idea.
Either way, this might be the best ad for a real estate company I've ever seen. It sure beats happy chappy families standing on their front lawn like heavily medicated zombies. This brings the weird and brings it hard. I wish sometimes companies would take their risky social media "films,' and just air them. No doubt a lot of people would be talking. There are seven more of these but you get it from the first.

Client: Century 21 Agency: Sleek Machine Production Company : Sleek Machine Art Directors: Jess Ruggieri, Claire McPartland Chief Creative Officer/Writer/Songwriter: Tim Cawley Composer: Andy Pinkham/Mortal Music Senior Integrated Producer: Ben Ouellette Social Strategist: Noel Fisher Cinematography: Brian Miller Editor: Nick Agri