:30 Seconds - Sumo the Art Director - (2009) :90 (Australia) Show teaser


:30 Seconds - Sumo the Art Director - (2009) :90 (Australia) Show teaser

Kevin, oh I'm sorry, Sumo, is an Art Director without a ponytail. I mean, jesus, ponytails, get with it guys.

Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney is promoting the premiere of its advertising-inspired comedy-drama, :30 Seconds, with a multi-layered campaign, breaking on 22 August. Remember 30 seconds is a long time in advertising. The show will air on Foxtel Australia - and all adgrunts around the world will try and torrent it. I bet (psst Foxtel, get it onto iTunes so we can buy it per episode, yeah?)

Client: Zapruder's Other Films

Production Company: Three Drunk Monkeys
Director: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell
Written by: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell (Copywriter)

PRODUCTION: Theirry Bled, Graeme Robertson, Thea Carone, Ben Gregg and Trent Beattie (Milko)

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I feel ignored. I wanna see one of these with a copywriter! ;)

Actually, so did I. Also, I want one about the PA.

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