"In a fresh mediterranian night, a solitary bus and a girl meet a weird character. Anything can happen. And it does." "I stared into the abyss, the abyss stared back, neither was impressed." ;P

I like it, creepy guy is very well cast.

Agency: CHINA, Madrid. Executive Creative Director: Rafa Antón. Production Co.: Fish. Executive Producer: David De La Flor. DOP: Albert Roigé. Styling: René Zamudio. Editor: Nacho Fernández. Editorial: Insitu. VFX: La Huella FX. Sound Studio: La Panadería. Producer: Sergio Martínez. Head of Production: Marce Molero. Director Assistant: Javier Cano. Production: Alexia Bas, Raquel Cantero, Eduard Riu, Mireia Juliá, Julia Bas. Camera Crew: César Villalba, Eneko Abad, Anna Albiac. Styling Assistant: Mauri Cajal. Make Up & Hair: Lidia Elen. Gaffer: Joan Planas. Supervisor VFX: Ivan López. Camera Rental: Technok. Ligh Rental: Zeferino. Casting Set: Vadever.

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