TracyLocke and Stardust get all instagrammy and stop-motioney for 7-Eleven.

Client: 7-Eleven
Agency: TracyLocke
Executive Creative Director: David Hohman
Creative Director: Tyler Kitchens
Art Director: Heather Knudson
Copywriter: Noah Bailey
Producer: Chelle McDonald
Associate Producer: Adam Hawbaker
Account Manager: Michael Reichert
Production Company: Stardust
Creative Director/Director/Partner: Seth Epstein
Managing Director/Executive Producer/Partner: Dexton Deboree
Directors of Photography: Seth Epstein, John Watkins, Shaughn Crawford
Producer: Martha Smith
Line Producer: Scott Ludden
Production Coordinator: Gerry Romero
Editorial/Animation/Postproduction Company: Stardust
Editor: Fred Fouquet
Animators/Compositors: Ash Wagers, Theo Alexopoulos, Evan Stalker, Ehren Addis, Gabriel Valente Ferrao
Artist: Bear Mountain
Track: “Two Step”


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