You've seen the images floating around the web, the one with distinctive Detroit background, a wedding party dressed up to the nines, and a gang of rappers dressed down to the nines posing together. The rappers are 7262 and the wedding party is Amy and Ian's. Both had the idea to use this iconic location in a shoot. When the wedding party arrived 7262 was already shooting their video. True to the Motown-heart of Detroit where everyone has fun, the rappers in 7262 invited Amy and Ian to pose in front of their cars and even star in their video. The video is made all the better for it, it may have some epileptic editing, but between the boys of 7262 looking their best badass and the slow motion dancing of wedding party members in their smokings and pink tulle, this video has a nice accidental edge to it.
Lets hope that both parties are heading toward their happily ever afters, and some fortune heading to 7262 after their sudden internet fame.
The wedding photo has been passed around the web thousands of times, the New York Post reported on the "accidental text that created the best wedding photo ever and equally untrustworthy newsoutlet reported the same. There was no accidental text. Just fun & love in the air.

7262 will soon have their album "Hunger games" out, with risk of being impossible to find on google so keep checking the rap music scene for updates instead.

Directed by: @HDFILMZ Edited by: @HDFILMZ Starring: The wedding party of Amy and Ian, The rapping posse of 7262, Mojo, Jojinoo and family Wedding photographer: Adam Sparkes / Breakfast with Adam

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