By now you've heard the news that 84 Lumber's Super Bowl spot was nixed by the networks for being too controversial as it depicted a wall.
This ad above is part one It will air during the Super Bowl. The controversial part, whatever it is, won't air until after the Super Bowl spot airs and then only at In the first part, a Mexican mother and daughter rise in the morning and start off on a journey. The mom packs her belongings, mementoes, photographs, they hitch a ride and start walking. Along the way the little girl keeps picking up torn pieces of fabric, from various places along their journey. As they bed down for the night in front of a fire, we see the little girl sewing her patchwork together. Judging by the colors,she chooses, Red, White and Blue, I think I already know where this is going. The first part concludes with the mother and daughter picking up their journey again during sunrise. The remaining part of the spot, which is three minutes long, will presumably fill in the rest of that story.
I would be very surprised if 84 Lumber or Brunner conscientiously set out to make a controversial ad a they would have zero to gain from it. And this is only a hunch but I suspect America is so politically charged right now that people are really on edge. But considering how amazingly dull the majority of this year's Super Bowl ads have been, 84 Lumber has already done something other clients haven't. And that's get people talking. Even if they don't know what they are talking about yet.

Client: 84 Lumber Company Management: Maggie Hardy Magerko, owner and president Agency: Brunner, Pittsburgh Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Rob Schapiro CD: Dave Vissat ACDs: Derek Julin, Kevin Corfield Chief Client Officer: Jeff Maggs Account Dir.: Lauren Tedesco Sr. Account Mgr.: Dana Lucas Assoc. Broadcast Dir.: Kathy Baldauf Agency Production: FIXER Partners, New York Exec Agency Producers: John Noble, Brad Powell Production Co.: Sanctuary, Los Angeles Director: Cole Webley D.P.: Justin Brown CD: Matt Wilson Line Producer: Christopher Cho Exec. Producer: Preston Lee Heads of Production: Adam Litt (Sanctuary), Leopoldo Luisetti (La Casa Films) Production Designer: Christopher Lagunes Editorial: Final Cut, New York Editor: Jeff Buchanan Exec Producer: Sarah Roebuck Producer: Penny Ensley Head of Production: Jen Sienkwicz Assistant Editor: Geoff Hastings Cutting Assistant: Andre Castiglioni Visual Effects: Method Studios, New York Executive Producer: Stuart Robinson CG Supervisor: Boaz Livny VFX Supervisor: Eliza Pelham Randall Flame Artists: Stephen Morris, Jared Pollack Senior VFX Producer: Bennett Lieber Color Grading: Company 3, New York Colorist: Tom Poole Music: Future Perfect, Santa Monica, Calif. Composer: Victor Magro Producer: Max Gosling Audio Post: Heard City, New York Sound Mixer: Phil Loeb