If you haven't been keeping up with Brazilian politics, you should know that they have a big credibility gap at the moment. To capitalize on this mistrust, 89FM created Truth Detector radio, in which they invited figures from Brazilian society strap into a lie detector and get interviewed to see whether or not they are telling the truth. These interviewees include Oscar Maroni, who sounds like the Larry Flynt of Brazil, and supermodel Renata Kuerten. They even took on Zika with Leonard Weissmann, a government infectologist as well as Inri Cristo who claims to be Jesus.
The results of the lie detector are sent to RDF's in cars and smart phones.
Neat idea. I was wondering if they'd get any actual politicians on the show. After the success of the first season, for the second season, they decided to invite a bunch of politicians, sending out invitations to 94 of them. None of the politicians accepted. Considering Brazil's human rights record under its dictatorship, they should consider that a blessing. Esto dizendo, caras.

Agency: DM9DDB Client: 89 FM Title: Truth Detector Radio Chief Creative Officer: Aricio Fortes, Marco Versolato Executive Creative Director: Paulo Coelho Creative Directors: Leo Macias, Zico Farina Art Director: Rafael Segri Copywriter: Filipe Medici Production Company: Spray Filmes Director: Fernando Grostein Andrade, Raoni Rodrigues Sound: B, A, Start!