91 Rock Radio "91 Rock Clock" 1:25 (Brazil)


91 Rock Radio "91 Rock Clock" 1:25 (Brazil)

91 Rock is a station in Brazil. And they want you to wake up rocking. So you can download their app, and set a playlist and make that playlist get progressively louder as you hit that snooze button.

Client: 91 ROCK Product: 91 ROCK Agency: JWT/CASA CCO: Ricardo John CIO: Mauro Cavaletti Creative Director: Rodolfo Amaral, Ricardo Marques e Gustavo Costi, Creative team: Gisah Ramos, Àile Carvalho, Thiago Ferreira, Annelize Ortega e Guilherme Claudino Production: Felipe Gomide Client Service: Valéria Lopes e Marianah Mikosz91

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