I'll have to put him down now.

Crossroads Directors JAM have completed an ident campaign for English cask beer Abbot Ale starring the inimitable actor Brian Blessed. The campaign Classic Tales from a Classic Ale range from :10 to :15 in length and are set in the famous Hawley Arms in Camden, with Blessed either perched bar-side or relaxing beside a fire, telling classic pub jokes with his trademark booming flare.

The spots air on Friday nights during the Dave Channel's Friday night programming in the UK, which includes Friday Nights on Dave and Dave Ja Vu.

Client: Abbot Ales Spot Title: Various Air Date: November 2009 Agency: Us CD(s): Jo Tanner, Mark Howard Prod Company: Crossroads Director: JAM DP: James Saligari EP: Carly Stone Producer: Storr Redman Online: Envy Shoot Location: London

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