Troika has had a long 15 year partnership with ABC. For its latest effort, they developed a new design concept for the 2016 fall season. The new look is a departure from ABC's traditional flat geometric design, and is now a mix of 3D rendered cloth with 2D elements. It keeps ABC's existing signature butterscotch, garnet, and aluminum color palette. This network image spot aired during the 2016 Emmy Awards. It employs transitions from the dimensional glass logo and resolved with the energy, revealing the ABC pearl. What do you think of the new look?

Client: ABC Marla Provencio, EVP Marketing & Chief Marketing Officer, ABC Entertainment Marketing Pash Pashkow, VP Brand & Creative Management, ABC Entertainment Marketing Lucas Aragon, Design Director On-Air, ABC Entertainment Marketing Michael Bassett, Director Marketing Services, ABC Entertainment Marketing Gilda Reinert, Senior Graphics Producer Production/Animation: Troika Dale Everett, Creative Director Patty LaVigne, Account Director Jeanette Etchebehere, Producer Stef Smith, Producer Andrew Julien, Lead Designer/Animator Daniel Zhang, Animator Orlando Costa, Animator Jun Kim, Sr. Animator Mark McConnell, Sr. Animator