Absolut are now a straight up the "cool art" sponsor. A parallel campaign that began in the 90s has always aligned Absolut with art for the borrowed interest of making the booze itself be associated with artistic talent. We've seen the world famous Absolut Warhol, and now we're looking at Absolut less famous Brazilian graphic artist, as if the booze is sponsoring talents on their way up and bringing them to a larger audience. Absolut is now the patronage of artists worldwide and your buying of the booze helps a Brazilian Graphic artist shine for a moment in an ad...In this one we follow a man who can see everyones daimons, beings that plant ideas and create ideas in us, as he hunts down a woman who stole a mans "daimons".

Ad agency: Sid Lee, Amsterdam Illustrator, Writer, Director & Original idea: Grampá Production: Wake The Town in London Sound design: The Futz Butler Principal telent: Doug Cockle Animation: Red Knuckles Creative directors : Mario Ucci and Rick Thiele,
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