It's refreshing to see a breast cancer awareness ad that doesn't attempt to be funny. It's also a nice use of medium since it's free and public. Taking the tactic of humanizing and supporting a post-mastectomy body is a really nice tactic too.

I do wish they spent more time on the ads and less on the making of the ads. I would have liked to have seen the amount of sharing on social media that occurred too, as my own search didn't reveal much beyond the Ad publications and Ad peeps sharing it.

That's a shame because it's a great idea. Whether it's for social or traditional the images make for nice print.

Agency: JWT Client: A.C.Camargo Cancer Center Account team: Yves Rodrigues, Fábio Bastouly CCO: Ricardo John Head of Art: Fabio Simões Creative Director: Hernan Rebalderia e Santiago Dulce Copywriter: Lucas Tristão Art Director: Filipe Cuvero, Brunno Cortez Agency Production Director: Marcia Lacaze Agency Production: Fafa Oliveira Film Production Company: Bando Director: Pedro Gomes Sound Production Company: Shuffle Áudio Advertiser’s Approval: Irlau Machado, Adriana Braga, Luciana Del Nero, Danielle Lago

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