Ace Hardware - Every home / “Helpful Branding” - (2009) :30 (USA)


Ace Hardware - Every home / “Helpful Branding” - (2009) :30 (USA)

New branding campaign from Ace hardware;

The spot evokes the pride of home ownership through naturalistic scenes of people fixing up their homes. The spots are shot entirely with hand-held cameras, which gives them a loose, easy sensibility that allows viewers to feel as though they are gazing over a fence at things happening in the neighbor’s backyard. Yet, the spots aren’t straight documentary as the visuals are highly polished and vibrantly hued in a way that makes them appear just a bit larger than life.

Client: Ace Hardware, Oak Brook, Illinois. Brian Wiborg, Director Consumer Marketing; Anne-Marie Cronin, Consumer Marketing Brand Manager; Andrew Vitellaro, Senior Creative Specialist; Christopher Boniface, Public Relations & Promotions Manager.

Agency: Mars Advertising, Southfield, Mich. Ken Barnett, CEO; Galen Chandler, VP Director of Broadcast & Digital Media; Michael Di Stefano, EVP Executive Creative Director; David Doolittle, Associate Creative Director; Chris McKenna, Associate Creative Director; Eric MacMichael, Senior Producer; Kristin Dipple, Account Director; Lisa Groulx, Account Manager; Emily McKeogh, Account Executive; Veronica Grieve, Business Manager.

Production: Pogo Pictures, Atlanta. Steve Colby, Director/DP/Owner; Lesley Harris, Executive Producer; Jon Goldberg, Producer; Cary Gillespie, Production Manager.

Editorial/Post: Postique, Southfield, Mich. Jim Talbot, Senior Editor; Mary Connolly, Executive Producer; Patrick Duffy, Assistant Editor; Theresa Bland, Business Manager; Barbe Nilan, Project Manager.

Audio post: RMS, Oak Brook, Illinois. Randy Stephenson, Senior Audio Engineer; Julie Sexton, Studio Manager.


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