"Performance. Pushed to the limit. Nimble. Strong. It's a delicate balance. A challenge that defies who we are. The rules. Norms. And our very past. Performance thrives on new methods. Better solutions. it embraces innovation. celebrates creativity. And gives meaning to the word "stylish." It dares us to push harder. Look deeper. It breaks it down to millimeters. It dares us to try. And we accept the challenge. Acer Swift leading the trend in style."
This is quite the metaphor for a hard-working but stylish computer. The dancers are quite amazing. The aesthetic is highlighted by the camera work of a Phantom High-Speed Camera. That extreme slow motion was captured at 500 frames per second.

Client: Acer Creative Director: Joshua Roberts Agency: We Are Social Associate CD: Jason Breen Associate Account Director: Nathan Baker Maggie Maloney Assistant Account Executive | DBL.E Production Company: The Collective @ LAIR Director: Steven Weinzierl Executive Producer: Theresa Loguercio Producer: Mark Aji Director of Photography: Derek McKane