Acid Washed - Snake - (2010) 3:52


Acid Washed - Snake - (2010) 3:52

This music video for Acid Wash’s latest “Snake” hypnotizes with simple line art set to the song. Night club visuals are now video art in their own right. The visuals are a collaboration between Anthony Burrill, Jack Featherstone and Paul Plowman, and it works damn well.

Song Title: Snake
Artist: Acid Washed
Record Label: Recordmakers
Created by: Anthony Burrill, Jack Featherstone and Paul Plowman
Production Company: Recordmakers



I saw this on vimeo last year - has been a favourite ever since. It's so clean.

Be sure to watch the others as well;

All three of them were just submitted today, give me a moment to catch up. ;)

I'm not complaining - I'm just ...

I'm just joshing yas. :)

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