I'm having a hell of a day so I thought I'd cheer everyone up by pointing and laughing at the sound of this products name, which LeslieBAP showed adlist this morning. We've been snickering at it ever since.

Aciphex can help with your acid reflux. Instead of burning you get (badum-tish!) ASS EFFECTS! *breaks down in childish giggles*


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  • RLDavies's picture

    Snerk. I have acid reflux sometimes. It's bad enough without added ass-effects.

    ...And it's so much worse in an American accent!

    May 31, 2010
  • Adrian B's picture
    Adrian B (not verified)

    This was funny. The name is definitely something to laugh at. I however am not a big supporter of taking OTC drugs as a way to treat my acid reflux. I prefer to stay away from taking any type of drug.

    Mar 15, 2013

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