Do you know what happens when you eat Activia? I'll tell you. The minute you swallow it, your stomach becomes a Garden Of Eden with little sleeping versions of yourself who then wake up and start dancing around to your latest hot single called "Dare (La La La).

Or maybe that only happens to Shakira.

Client: Danone
Brand: Activia
Advertising Agency: Vinizius Y&R Barcelona, Spain
Idea Creation: Manu Diez/Victor Arriazu/Albert Seguin
Creative Direction: Manu Diez/Victor Arriazu/Albert Seguin/Alejandro Pallares
Announcer Responsables: Luca Casaura / Arnau Clofent /Nicolas Frerejean / Jordi Guitart
Agency Responsable: Rafael Esteve
Global Account Responsibles: Alberto Bel/Carol Juarez
Producer Tv: Lidia Vilar
Director: Jaume De Laiguana
Production/Producer: Pablo Martinez/Sergi Ciuro
Post Production: El Ranchito
Post-Producer: Rafa Solorzano
Art Direction: Eugenio Caballero
Dop: Javier Aguirresarobe
Music: "Dare (La La La)" From Album Shakira


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