Racking up well over two and a half million views on youtube in the first 24 hours, this peek at the New Guitar hero is whetting peoples appetite for playing the best game ever once again. You see, it starts out fairly simple. You're backstage, you're listening to your band mate tell an emotional rollercoaster story about twins, when the announcement is made that "you're on". Walking through the back stage area to the stage you'll meet and greet all sorts of roadies, helpers, stage hands along the way - and a blond who says "Good Luck" which is something even an in-game groupie should know you do not, ever, say backstage.

Once you're on the stage, you suck, and the audience lets you know it. But then you find your groove and it goes all rock'n'roll from there. Here's the wild part, what you watched wasn't just an idea of the new Guitar Hero game... You just watched the actual game. Holy hell, that looks wild, that's a really realistic crowd! And they'll boo you when you suck! Oh this looks like fun, guys, is there an extra controller I need to buy to stage-dive, or will throwing my couch cushions on the floor do?

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