Japanese schoolchildren have an eyesight problem. Their eyesight has been steadily worsening. The question became how to increase awareness about the importance of good eyesight? ENJIN Inc, came up with a stunt to solve that problem. They created billboards that looked like eye charts with the letter gradually getting smaller at the end. They developed 35 different messages and placed them in and around schools as well as in shops and outdoors. These illegible signs helped raise awareness, and made a strong impression in school children. Simple and effective idea.

Advertising Agency: ENJIN inc. Tokyo, Japan Agency website: http://en-jin.jp/ Creative Director: Takeshi Yazaki Art Director:Hiroshi Imamura Copywriter:Takeshi Yazaki, Kazuhiro Miwa Designer: Yuri Yoshida, Saiki Takahashi Account Director: Yuriko Ban Producer: Takeshi Yazaki, Asami Igarashi, Shumpei Mikami PR: Koshiro Mochitomi, Maiko Mihara