It's a sad reality that kids are getting bullied more and more ferociously online and off.
Just recently, a twelve year old girl in L.A. was bullied to the point of suicide.
This moving Ad Council spot done by DDB to coincide with National Bullying Prevention Month shows a kid with courage, and implores other kids to stop being a bystander and do something about it. First by going to
Authentic, sad and inspirational all at once, this spot is a good one indeed.

Client:The Bully Project Agency: DDB Matt Eastwood, CCO Joseph Cianciotto, Executive Creative Director Ed Zazzera, Head of Production Luke Carmody, Creative Director Brandon Hampton, Senior Copy Writer Lindsey Hutter, Producer Ginny Levine, Management Supervisor Angelina Singleton, Account Supervisor Gryphyn VFX Scott Bravo, Conform VFX Julia Williams, Producer
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    Mar 05, 2017

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