Adam Tensta - One Copy Song / Pass it on - (2012)


Adam Tensta - One Copy Song / Pass it on - (2012)

The one copy song was a track released in such a way that only one person at a time could take a listen to it. Adam Tensta remembers back in the day when one had to wait for a sing to release, and one had to stand in line to get a new single fresh hot off the presses. With the one copy song, some of that exclusivity was recreated, whilst shamelessly using peoples need to get first in line by asking them to watch something, tell fifteen people on FB about this, or tweet 15 friends about it to spread the song further.

Advertiser ADAM TENSTA
Advertising Agency: R/GA New York, USA
Alex Swidersky : Creative Technologist
Chuck Tso : Executive Creative Director
Joanna Crean : Copywriter
Morten Halvorsen : Visual Designer
Nick Law : Chief Creative Officer
Rasmus Keger : Visual Designer
Rasmus Wangelin : Visual Designer
Taras Wayner : Executive Creative Director


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