Brett Foraker has directed the latest campaign for the French Environmental Agency, Ademe, featuring an individual’s ‘rubbish’ monster that follows them around as they go about their daily routine. The 3 x 30 second commercials; ‘Supermarket,’ ‘Compost’ and ‘Office’ were produced by Julie Mathiot at DDB Paris and Jerome Denis at Wanda Productions. MPC was involved from the outset; completing concept artwork, early look development and ultimately designing the final CG rubbish monsters.

The monsters represent the huge amount of rubbish produced each year by the average French citizen, and how, by making the right decisions, their output can be significantly reduced. The design and look of the monster was carried out by MPC’s concept artists Andrew Brooks, Charlotte Tyson and Andrei Ryabovichev under the direction of Brett Foraker. MPC’s Art Department carefully developed the character’s facial features and body to allow for complete freedom of movements during the animation process.

Once the concept was signed off, MPC’s 3D team lead by VFX Supervisors Vicky Osborn and Dean Robinson started modelling and texturing over a hundred photorealistic CG rubbish elements that would form the body. One of the main challenges for the 3D team was integrating the rubbish within the monster in a fully dynamic way. To achieve this, the team opted to create a fur based under-mesh and attach the rubbish to the individual hairs. This approach allowed the garbage to react naturally as the monster moved around its environment.

Michael Gregory and Alex Harding led the 2D team who was responsible for seamlessly compositing the monster within the live-action world and achieving total realistic integration.

Agency: DDB Paris 
 Director: Brett Foraker 
 Agency Producer: Julie Mathiod 
 Creative: Volker Gerh, Rodolphe Hirsch DoP: Marcel Zyskind 
 Production Company: Wanda Productions 
 Executive Producer: Jerome Denis 
 Editor: Adam Rudd @ Final Cut 

 Post Production Company: MPC 
 Post Producer: Jay Lichtman 
 VFX Supervisors: Michael Gregory, Vicky Osborn and Dean Robinson 
 3D VFX Team: James Bailey, Anthony Bloor, Jason Brown, Daniel Elliot, Carsten Keller, Marco Kowalik, Vicky Osborn, Simon Payne, Dean Robinson, Wayne Simmons, Roman Vrbovsky, Grant Walker, Ben Wiggs 
 2D VFX Team: Steve Davis, Michael Gregory, Alex Harding, Alasdair McNeil 
 Concept: Andrew Brooks, Charlotte Tyson and Andrey Ryabovichev 
 Telecine: George K