adidas "House Match" (2014) 1:00 (USA)


adidas "House Match" (2014) 1:00 (USA)

First it was a party. Now it's a football match. adidas continues its love of houses in yet another World Cup spot. In this case Beckham and Zidane school the young pups Lucas Moura and Gareth Bale. It starts with the vets mocking the kids for being more interested in video games than football. So next thing you know, they start playing football in the house. Until hilarity ensues, and Beckham delivers a punch line you can see coming from four pitches away. It's fun to watch them break stuff, though.

Client: adidas
Director Fernando Meirelles
Co-director: Cassiano Prado.
Music: "Land Of The Freaks." King Khan and the Shrines


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