Adidas - Impossible Field - (2005) 0:60 (Netherlands)

Agency: 180 Amsterdam
ECD: Andy Fackrell
CD & AD:Dean Maryon
CW: Ben Abramowitz
Directors: Daniel Kleinman, Kleinman Productions London
DOP: John Lynch
Post Production: Framestore London
Starring: Beckham, Ballack, Raúl, Defoe, Kaká, Saviola.

*note this ad is "unsaveable" at the request from 180. They don«t want people to download this ad from here.

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That was pretty cool.

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great soundeffects.

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Like it alot.

The advert is sending out a great (maybe much needed) sense of arrogance to all of us. Soon we will all be struting around like chelsea managers "The impossible is nothing... go on!... Get in!! "..... " Now if I can only get this bloody elephant to balance on the edge of the grand canyon, we'd all be happy!!"

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it smells like a nike spot... but nice execution.

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I second slogan but hey - it was cool as hell.

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I guess that I'm getting used to it. Evrything Adidas does is a little Nike ever since the Nike team from w+k created 180. This one is just a little more Nike than usual.