Recently, adidas Originals dropped a spot featuring a bunch of super star celebs insisting they weren't superstars. Now adidas Originals brings us a choddy, in which a bunch of superstars tell us they aren't doing what they do for applause or appraisal but just for themselves alone. Pharrell has handpicked these "superstars," who each read a line in a manifesto in one long montage. There are some great graphic treatments which keep it visually interesting.

By the way, those stars in question are musician Pusha T, Grigoriy Dobrygin, a Russian actor/director, Yoon, a designer from Japan, VJ Mian, VJ/designer from China and Smithe, a Mexican illustrator. And of course, Pharrell.

The spot is atmospheric, dark and set to the kind of moody orchestral music that feels at home in a Jason Bourne movie. It's quite a stark contrast between the Originals house party campaign that ran from 2008 till around 2013 or so. Those spots all featured celebrities from all walks of life, too, but they were usually hanging out with cool kids in houses and street corners. And while that campaign was all style and no substance, at least it was fun. It felt like anyone could join in the fun. And the tagline reflected that: Celebrate Originality.

Now it's as if adidas Originals has gone from being the the center of the party who welcomes all to being this moody kid who sits in a dark corner, holding you at arm's length, demanding you treat him with Respect™ because he is a Serious Artist™, but don't start putting expectations on him because he does what he wants, and whatever you do, don't ever call him a Superstar.™ That's more like Selfhate Originality.

Client: adidas Agency: Johannes Leonardo Chief Creative Officer: Jan Jacobs Chief Creative Officer: Leo Premutico Executive Creative Director: Tom Martin Executive Creative Director: Julian Schreiber Creative Director: Matthew Edwards Creative Director: Wes Phelan Creative Director: Ferdinando Verderi Senior Account Supervisor: Dominique Dalton Account Director: Sam McCallum Account Executive: Gulru Soylu Head of Production: Cedric Gairard Print Executive Producer: Maria Perez Producer: Loretta Rae Producer: Peisin Yang Lazo Production Coordinator: Dustin Grant Designer: Mike Vickers Designer: Zoonzin Yoonjin Lee Production Company: Elastic Director: Patrick Clair 1st Assistant Director: Rick Lange Director of Photography: Bob Chappell B Unit Director of Photography: David McFarland Art Director: Alexander Delgado Production Supervisor: Laurie Devine Line Producer: Ron Cosentino Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall Lead Animation & Compositing: Raoul Marks Designers: Jeff Han, Kevin Heo, Paul Kim 2D Animators: David Do, Peter Murphy, Yongsub Song, Sam Sparks Head of 3D: Kirk Shintani 3D Artists: Aaron Baker, Joe Chiechi, Jose Limon, Joe Paniagua Online Artists: Dan Ellis, Kevin Stokes Flame Assist: Gabe Sanchez Associate Producer: Danny Hirsch Producer: Carol Salek, Heather Johann Color A52 Colorist: Paul Yacono Color Assistants: Chris Riley, Erik Rojas Color Producer: Anna Vegezzi Editorial LA: Rock Paper Scissors LA Editor: Damion Clayton Assistant Editor: Alexa Vallejo Producer: Jared Thomas, Shada Shariatzadeh, Ashley Bartell Executive Producer: Angela Dorian Editorial NY: Rock Paper Scissors NY Editor: Dan deWinter Assistant Editor: Michael Shugarman Producer: Jenny Greenfield Executive Producer: Eve Kornblum Sound Design: Q Department Sound Mix: Sonic Union Audio post mixer: Steve Rosen

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