Adidas Originals "Unite All Originals" (2013) 1:40 (Canada)


Adidas Originals "Unite All Originals" (2013) 1:40 (Canada)

At first I was all "Jiminy Cricket, not another fucking hipster spot for Originals." And then I was all "Blargh, a song made from sound effects? And with a DJ? I mean the technique is twelve years old now at least. Not to mention the fact that Nike did it, too.

But then just as I was ready to foam at the mouth, SURPRISE! Halfway through the spot Sid Lee came through and did something kinda interesting by adding some crazy techniques and animating the absolute fuck out of it, and whatdya know, it actually started to live up to its name: Original. As opposed to: Carbon copy of previous five years of work.

Dudes: I'm sure you have some wanky rationale about why you did it this way. Starting with the unmix so you could remix. Or united by mixing. Or remixing united us or whatever but you didn't need the first half of that spot.

You know it. And I know it. You had something sick going on. You actually evolved the campaign with a new look. But you made me eat the same old sandwich before I could actually get impressed. Not cool, man.

Now please don't ever make me sit through the same old cool children chilling on the street corner or the fire escape or the kebab stand or wherever the fuck they hang out again any more, or I'll cut you.



I know there was another one, where the samples came from kids posing in a photo booth, and this (including the images of kids posing) was then remixed into a pretty neat song. I can't seem to find it or remember what it was for though.

I am quite impressed at the marketing strategy taken up by Adidas. It is completely a win win scenario for them. Last year they just roped in global star David Beckham to spend some time with his awestruck fans. I admit that it was fun watching the video. I know people would have killed to have been there. Great way to promote their brand name.Way to go Adidas.

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