adidas Originals has managed to take its formula of hipsters/chavs hanging out and looking cool on street corners and in house parties and somehow, against all odds, applied an honest-to-goodness idea to it.
Generation Adi ain't having none of your GMO Crops/Junk food/devastating environment/virtual reality sex/Post Apocalyptic scenarios. Generation Adi is going to create the future. Which is different from writing the future, mind you.
This idea is eons above the You are not a superstar campaign which was just plain stupid. Drawing a lien through a famous person and saying "I'm not a superstar," was intellectually lazy. But this spot actually had something relevant to say. I never thought I would see adidas dip a toe into social commentary.
Don't get me wrong, the math is still the same. Adidas just can't break away from its usual "find cool artists and makers and have them pose like poseurs." In this case the cool people are Luka Sabbat, Kyu Steed, Aleali May, Ikwa Zhao, Reese Cooper, Design Butler, Yuki Matsuda and Iman Shumpert.
And don't get me wrong either, there is something inherently selfish about a group of holier-than-thou kids literally walking past life's problems like they don't give shit or are above it all. Especially when you see them walking through shanty towns in their overpriced shoes and apparel, probably made by people who live in similar shanty towns.
But hey, it's still eons above drawing a line through your face and saying "I'm not really famous and important even though I am," innit?
Also, great music track from Daisy Hamel-Buffa.

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