Adidas - The Return of Derrick Rose - Wake Up - (2012) :60 (USA)

Derrick Rose is all in.

Capturing how every heart in Chicago stopped beating when Rose went down. It wasn't just Bulls fans, it was everyone who was a fan of a basketball. But that thunder in the distance is Rose on the road to his recovery, and this ad is a rallying cry for everyone to apply themselves just that little bit harder. Rose is all in. Adidas is all about sports. This ad shows one athlete and one pivotal moment carrying the entire brand sports legitimacy. Adidas isn't just that brand for pink-haired rapping ladies, billiard playing kids and mucho bizarro hipster designers, it isn't just a brand for bouncy Cali pop tarts with bubble-gum hair. Adidas isn't just running on repeat. Somewhere, in the depths of the seams, there's still a sports brand's blood in here. It's a shame 180 LA are the only ones holding that torch up high, though they do it so well.

Ad agency: 180LA ECD: William Gelner Creative Director: Gavin Milner Creative Director: Grant Holland Copywriter: Dave Horton Art Director: Matthew Woodhams-Roberts Agency Head of Production: Peter Cline Senior Producer: Natasha Wellesley Prod. Co.: Imperial Woodpecker Director: Stacy Wall DOP: Hoyte van Hoytema Sr. Executive Producer: Doug Halbert Producer: Mary Livingston Production Design: Dominic Watkins Stylist: Lee Ann Jarvis Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors SFX: The Mill Recording Studio: Juice Sound Design: 740
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