Aren't these kids adorable? Give a bunch of school kids in my hood brushes and blue paint and the whole town would likely end up blue.

TBWA\HAKUHODO and adidas Japan, in preparation for the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, launched the next phase of World Cup activities with “adidas Sky Comic” project. The project, which spans 13 cities over five weeks, is a creation of 13 massive 300 square meter individual comic strip panels that are painted by football fans and national team supporters from all over Japan.

Creative Director: Kazoo Sato
Copy Writer: Hideyuki Tanaka, Masaharu Kumagai
Art Director Hirofumi Nakajima, Haruhito Nisawadaira, Katsuhiro Shimizu, Keisuke Shimizu
Account Director: Taro Sato
Digital Producer: Shintaro Takeuchi
PR Kayoko Asano

Production Staff
Producer: Kentaro Kinoshita, Makiko Okada(Monster Ultra, Inc.)
Production Manager: Hideki Harada, Mona Yamamoto(Monster Ultra, Inc.)
Digital Producer: Jun Ino(Formes Inc.)
Web Producer: Keitaro Takahashi(Formes Inc.)
Interactive Developer: Shunsuke Ohba(Formes Inc.)
Web Director : Hironori Sugie(Formes Inc.)
Music: Atsushi Shimomura(Sosa., Inc.)
Producer (BTS): Ippei Kobayashi(Cocoon)
Director (BTS): Hiromi Watanabe(Cocoon)
Printing Director: Takeshi Hara, Michitake Hatae, Takaki Torigoe, Shotaro Handa, Masamune Sato(Magic Touch)
Comic Artist Coodination: Shuhei Kaminaga(Orbit)

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