A retina scanning drone in the sky. Marching armies of models dressed all in black. Thick tension and distemper, perhaps a reflection of the modern world itself. A post apocalyptic grey sci-fi white reminiscent of THX-138, or Apple's 1984 for that matter. This is the Y3 reveal of its new Spring/Summer collection. Because nothing says "the weather's getting warmer" like a technocratic dystopia filled with muted greys, slim-lined black pants, athletic-inspired apparel, visor helmets and paranoia.
I'm all for taking conceptual risks, especially when it comes to fashion. But this scenario doesn't make the clothes or the blonde-haired protagonist look particularly attractive. Also I can't help but wonder if anybody at the ad agency ever stopped to consider that opening on the sound of jackboots when making a fashion film for a German company with ties to World War Two might not be the best idea.

Agency: Blackrose NYC Director: Robert Broadhurst Producer: Kori Shadrick Director of Photography: Aaron Platt Lighting Design: John Torres Music: Son Lux Color: Paul Harrison at Freefolk Talent: Louie Talent: Zlata VFX Lead: John Shafto UI Design: Toros Köse Sound: Sonic Union Mix Engineer: Brian Goodheart Sound Designer: Owen Shearer Studio Director: Justine Cortale Scheduling Producer: Pat Sullivan Set Design: Anthony Asaro