Sound of glitches and glitchy typefaces and very cool clothes abound. Morose models in minimalist clothing stumble upon a former site of a rave, run through strangely lit underground passageways and emerge into the harsh light of reality only to get chased by a helicopter. But wait. Is it reality? Does the helicopter exist? Or is it only in their drug addled minds? Ladies and gentlemen, the 90's are back. On your left is Roni Size, on your right a candy raver. We'll be projecting Lawnmower Man on the wall tonight for your visual pleasure. We've tested the X, so no need to worry. But please remember to hydrate as you will be dancing uncontrollably for the next twelve hours. But for the love of god take that pacifier out of your mouth.

Client: adidas Y-3 Creative Agency: Blackrose Director and Editor: Robert Broadhurst Director of Photography: Aaron Platt Production Company: Kadota Productions Producer: Kori Shadrick Post Audio: Sonic Union Sound Mix and Design: Brian Goodheart Wardrobe Stylist: Carlos Nazario Hair: Peter Matteliano Makeup: Souhi Talent: Anton Toftgard @M Management, Kris Gottschalk @ Elite NYC